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Summary of Question:Kirtan Kirya
Date Posted:Saturday, 6/16/2007 5:07 AM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji fathe,

i have read this articel abt kirtan kirya and i want to know how to do this. I also do some other exercises of yoga so want to know when schould i do kirtay kirya and is it ok if a say instead of saa taa naa maa wa he gu ru ?? i didnt understand how to end up the kiriya. Thanks a lot

Guru rakha

Sat nam. This Kundalini Yoga Kriya is very specific. It should be practiced correctly or not at all. So no, it is not appropriate to change the mantra.
Please find yourself a yoga teacher or at least purchase a manual that can answer these questions. Kundalini Yoga should not be practiced by beginners without a teacher guiding them who knows the details. As a teacher and student, I speak from experience.
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Guru ang sang,

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Kirtan Kirya (06/16/2007)
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