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Summary of Question:Facial Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 6/13/1999 3:52 PM MDT

What if a girl has excessive facial hair due to problems with her hormones? Is it wrong for that girl to want to remove it?

Dear Daughter of Guru Gobind Singh,
This concern is a very legitimate one. As a daughter of the Guru, as a Kaur (Princess), and as all women are nothing less than the Grace of God, it is very essential that every woman should feel graceful and confidant as a woman. If there are hairs on a woman's face that (due to various hormone changes in her body) make her to feel ungraceful as a woman, then it has generally been respected as her privilege, in relation to her Guru, to remove these hairs appropriately, with all respect to her privacy and modesty. I know personally of several Khalsa women who have found it appropriate to do so, in good faith with Guru's teachings and blessings. Personally, I have never heard anyone say it is not appropriate. If you have <given your head> in faith, to Him, then what matter or concern should there be for the public opinion of others? It is for you to decide in confidence and confidentiality with your Guruji. What is important is for you, as a GurSikh, to feel in your grace, in your strength, and in your r
adiance as a woman. May Guru bless you forever.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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