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Summary of Question:Raj Karega Khalsa
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/31/1999 12:18 AM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

As you know that it is written in the Bani that Raj Karega Khalsa.
Well can i kindly ask you a question that it is written that the
Khalsa will rule but how do we know that the Khalsa will rule the
There is one more thing when will the Khalsa rule the world then?

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Sat Nam, ji. Whether or when Khalsa will rule the worldly world we share is not nearly so important a question as whether or when Khalsa will rule your own (inner) world. Only Guru knows the answer to the first question. But by Guru's grace, only you know the answer to the second question.

How will you know if Khalsa rules your inner world? When you can speak these following words of Guru Gobind Singh ji as if they were your own, then you will be Khalsa and Khalsa will prevail in your world. And when enough of us can experience this in common, there there will be enough Khalsa in the world to turn the axle of the world and the axle of the times. If we don't start now, how will it ever happen?

See if you can learn to speak these words as your own:


Khalsa is my special form.
In the Khalsa, I reside.

Khalsa is the fiber of my being.
I am ever and always with the Khalsa.

Khalsa is my beloved object of worship.
Khalsa is the knower of my nature.

Khalsa is my support and protection.
Khalsa is my peace and pleasure.

Khalsa is my closest friend.
Khalsa is my mother, father, and peace-giver.

Khalsa is my dignity and soothing energy.
Khalsa is ever my beautiful friend and companion.

Khalsa is my lineage and honor.
Khalsa has given birth to me.

Khalsa is my palace and treasure.
Because of Khalsa, I am respected.

Khalsa is my friend and family.
Khalsa brings me to liberation.

Khalsa is my body and pranic energy.
Khalsa is the life of my life.

My honor is surely with the Khalsa.
Khalsa is my highest ideal.

Khalsa is my substance.
Khalsa is my body and soul.

Khalsa is my Dharma and my karma.
Khalsa is my most hidden secret.

Khalsa is my perfect True Guru.
Khalsa is my brave friend.

Khalsa is my wisdom and knowledge.
Khalsa is the object of my meditation.

The glory of the Khalsa cannot be described.
I have only one tongue, the glory of the Khalsa has no end.

Even if I had thousands of tongues,
The greatness of the Khalsa could not be told.

I have not told the slightest untruth,
I bear witness in the Name of God and Guru Nanak.

If every one of my hairs were blessed with a tongue,
With each one I would sing the praises of Khalsa.

I belong to the Khalsa,
And the Khalsa belongs to me.

As the drop of water merges into the ocean,
So I am merged with the Khalsa.

Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki fateh.

May all be so blessed.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Raj Karega Khalsa (10/31/1999)
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