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Summary of Question:Do we say the rest of Rehraas Sahib after....
Date Posted:Monday, 10/25/1999 1:41 PM MDT


The Rehat Maryada Book that was published in the 1920s requires you only to go upto "Nanak nam miley ta jivan tan man theevay hareya". However, there are other sants and they recommend that we go to "Jis simrat sukh paayiye sagley dukh jahe". Personally, I would rather go longer that end it early. Plus, I really like reading those three extra verses.

WJKK WJKF I have many gutkaas at home and it's really confusing when I do Rehraas Sahib b/c some end the paath after these lines: "Taras peya mehraamat hoyee, Satgur Sajjan milaya. Nanak naam milay tan jeevan, tan man theevay haraiya" and then in some gutkaas, it goes beyond these lines. and Sometimes, when i don't have my other Gutka, and i'm doing Rehraas Sahib, The paath endds there and i feel bad for not doing the rest of it. So..please tell me if we are suppose to continue on and do the rest of it or is it ok to just end the paath there.

thanx a bunches!

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Do we say the rest of Rehraas Sahib after.... (10/25/1999)
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