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Summary of Question:Mother & Cancer- Don't Know What To Do
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/06/2007 2:00 AM MST


I am suffering bad depression cause i feel my mother (only 44), whom i love very much, may have cancer (having tests in a few days). I see visions of a future without my mother and this upsets me so much- i always feel like crying. while writing this posting i began to cry. My mother has suffered physically, mentally and pyschologically but stood strong and never showed her struggle- this is why i love her so much. i have started to do paath a lot and ask god to bless my mother with a long life- but i feel if this is not the case, i would see it as a failure in god to see the strength in my mother. i feel i would lose all hope. can you please provide some insight into how waheguruji sees the people and if destiny (which is predetermined) be changed- cause my mother was a very good person, as she told me when she was young she would have countless dreams of all the gurus. thnk you very much
My dear, you are living in fear. Please relax and be grateful for your wonderful Mom who is still with you! She has not gone anywhere yet!

For now rather think of how to give love and qupport to your Mom, who may be needing this. Whatever God gives to her is her gift. Be there for her to love and support her through all as she has done for you. This would be very supportive and healing blessing to give to your Mom.

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Mother & Cancer- Don't Know What To Do (03/06/2007)
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