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Summary of Question:Ardass
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/01/2004 10:40 AM MDT


We knw tht drng ardass in Gurdwara our all TEN MASTERS n 40 SHAHID wll b thr wt til the ardass is finish.
If we personelly wan to do propere ardass without the help of giani at n there is now sanget,wll THE TEN MASTER wll be thr as we do it in sanget wit the help of giani?
Which wan is better,doing ardass our ownself or hv it done by out people?

(REPLY) Sat Nam. God and Guru are with you always! Whenever you recite the Ardas, and call upon the Ten Gurus, they are there! It is always lovely to be in the Sadh Sangat, but each Sikh has a direct relationship with Guru, you don't have to be a giani. Usually Gianis pronounce the Ardas very well, but remember, it is what is in your heart and soul when you pray that matters most! Don't do the Ardas just as a ritual, but think about the meaning, and whether it is by yourself or in the sadh sangat, you will be blessed! SP

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Ardass (09/01/2004)
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