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Summary of Question:evolution
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/06/2000 3:14 PM MST

HELLO it's me again. I didn't know that you were on vacation since, the first time that I E-mailed you everybody here where I live were still at working. I got you're response THANK-YOU. But it really doesn't answer my question. Maybe I should re-word my question. Well hear it is. What has been said about evolution in general. for example man originated from ape. All my textbooks show that this true because of fossils. But another book that I go from the library says that if everybody says that GOD is perfect than why would he have to change the ape man to man as we see him today? unless he made a mistake and saw that the ape needed to be adjusded so that he may servive better. The two condricdic each other. I'm confused. Than later on in that same book it says that evolution was also caused by gene mutations where parts of the DNA copy correctly. Base pairs where paired with the wrong bases or parts where deleted. With all this info I'm starting to wonder maybe they are correct. That Evolution

did occur from survival of the fittist because the ape man did not know what GURU NANAK JI said nor did they know what he preached. Besides aniamls do not caree for each other they only look after themselves. Mutation Mendle proved them to be true from his pea plant experriment. and then also God is perfect and does not change anything because he made it so that there would be no change needed. I'm more confused now. You're answer did help me I can kind of see what you are talking about but I can't forget what I have read in other books and what I have been taugh by my teacher. By the I'm a Ms. not Mr. common mistake made by people don't worry I'm not being rude again.


Dear Ravinder,

Wow. Well now that we got all of the pleasantries out of the way, lets get down to it. In the SGGS on page 720 there is a line that I think sums up the belief regarding evolution of Mankind " The Lord himself directs the Evolution of the world of the five Elements, He Himself infuses the five senses into it." The following arre some more quotes that might help you.

|| Binding together water and air, He infused the breath of life into the body, and made the lamps of the sun and the moon. || By Him we are created, and by Him we are destroyed; in the end, the Naam will be our only help and support|| || RAAMKALEE, FIFTH MEHL: He created you out of this water. From clay, He fashioned your body. He blessed you with the light of reason and clear consciousness. In your mother’s womb, He preserved you. || 1 || Contemplate your Savior Lord. Give up all others thoughts, O mind. || 1 || Pause || He gave you your mother and father; he gave you your charming children and siblings; he gave you your spouse and friends; enshrine that Lord and Master in your consciousness.

The SGGS and/or the Gurus give no more specifics than this as far as I can see. As far as your text books Darwins theory is just that a theory. There are so many large extremely large gaps in the knowledge that we have regarding the evolution of the Human body that to say it is so without a shadow of a doubt is not possible. Sure they have found bones and such, but, they have not found the missing link. Why do you think they call it the missing link? Because without the that information there is no total proof. They have found what they think is the predecessor of Modern Man but they cant really prove it. Dont get me wrong here I'm not saying that we didnt come out of evolution, just that it is not fully proved and that it is healthy to question the "facts".

Why dont you think it is possible that God created things to just work out the way they have. Maybe it was in Gods plan to have the Human species evolve and change from Apes. How do we know what it means if we did evolve from Apes. God is the doer. The fact that we are here is simply a gift and should be treated that way. The questions you are asking are not really relatable to the SGGS as the Gurus were primarily concerned in the praise of God not trying to figure out how we came about. They were teaching people to live life and be good morally and socially. They were not concerned in the workings of the scientific community. They were focusing on the Doer. God didnt neccesarily create the world and all the creatures so that things would not need to be changed ( Perfect ) if that were so we would all have the most perfect lives the most perfect shoes, clothes etc and so on. Life is a challenge and nothing is perfect but the creation of it all. when it is said that nothing happens without the plan or will of God it is because it is true. That doesnt mean that it will be as you think it should be, it means it will be as God wills it to be. You may not agree with this.

I just wanted to add a personal opinion in here. In my experience there is a real problem with the scientistic commmunity. They are often willing to believe a theory because it makes a lot of sense. They back up their theories with experiments they control themselves. There is a huge amount of ego involved in their proofs and no allowance for what they cannot explain. I think one day they will discover that the universe is just a creation and a place where we exist. It is flat and unanimated without the Energy and Creativity of God and that is what they are missing.

Another thing to note is that Animals do care for each other. There are many different types of animals that live together fight to defend each other and groom each other. Musk Ox when threatened actuall form a circle of the Herd and keep the young ones in the middle of that circle. Chimpanzees clean each other and In one species even trade sexuality for favors. Dolphins live together and feed together and so do whales. Elephants actually mourn their dead for days and days. I could go on and on but I really dont have the time.

So to answer your question as straight as possible as I understand it; Yes Genetics and Evolution are real things ( just because their ideas exist ) there is no mention in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib about it. Except what I was able to find. The SGGS is concerned with the praise of Humans for God and not how we developed into Human beings. Therefore there is no refute of the ideas of evolution nor any proof. I searched through the SGGS and I did not find any further information about your question. I would be happy to say I'm wrong if someone else does come forward with something that I missed. Please let me know if you need anything further. Thanks


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