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Summary of Question:As A Sikh Can I Give Blood??
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/17/2002 1:21 PM MDT

Sat sri akal

Lately I've been thinking about giving blood.....but as sikh is right to do's stupid asking this really because i've read stuff like how u shouldn't change the way you look etc...but is it okay to give blood....because it's saving a life really....for once in my life i want to give, to save not a saint because i mean i go out clubbing with friends and do drink but only occasionally....i know as a sikh i shouldn't really do so...i did think about doing the whole amrit dhari thing but the thing is i can't because i'd need the will power to do so but if you need will power then it's not for you to should come to you naturally....however im too young to comit myself....wel then again i'm probly wrong...and another uestion if you don't really want to get a tatoo but not a big one.....a little mums okay with it as long as its not too big....i know this mite should stupid but at the tatooist i saw the ek onkar symbol and it looks really good and i want to get that cuzin has it one her it rite to get that done? i know we'r not allowed to get tatoos done in sikhism becasue its for life really.....but i like the idea and hav thought about it alot...i hope you can ansa my questions.....please dont make them too long thou

thank you

p.s: can u please reply to the email address above thank you!!

wahe guruji ka khalsa wahe guruji ke fateh


Sat Nam!!

It is not a part of our "rehit" to change the body in any way. A tatoo would be changing the body. But, it is really your decision. It is also our "rehit" not to be fanatical. Look within yourself and ask your soul what it would want. Remember that a tatoo is forever. Can you really say that you would want that tatoo in 5, 10, 20 years? Would it prevent you from getting a job? Would it be repulsive to a spouse? Would you want your children to have that example? Think about it...go within and answer these questions as honestly as possible. Then make your decision, or wait and allow time to answer your questions. If you have any doubt, wait. Remember, its forever.

As far as giving blood... There is nothing in our rehit to speak against giving blood to help another person. You are not changing your body to give blood. Giving blood is a very honorable way to serve, especially if your are healthy. The clinic taking blood will probably test your blood to make sure it is of hepetitis, HIV, etc. I have had hepetitis so my blood would not be accepted. I was disappointed after the attacks on Sept. 11, because I was not able to serve by giving blood.

Allow Guru to guide you in all of your decisions, big and small.

Humbly, GTKK

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