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Summary of Question:removing hair
Date Posted:Friday, 6/09/2000 9:19 PM MDT

From the bottom of my heart, I know that I beleive in the teachings of Guru Nanak DevjI and Guru Gobind Singh ji, and I have read many books about Sikh hitory throughout my life. Just recently I went through a personal crisis in deciding whether shaving was appropriate or not...and mainly this was due to pressure to be in fashion/instyle. My question right now is: would using natural creams to remove unwanted body hair be going agaisnt the rehat maryada.

the reason I am asking thins question, even after reading, listening and talking to others is because from what I have been taught the purpose and reason that we keep our hair is because of what Guru Gobind Singh ji told us. Guru Gobind Singh ji prhibited the use of certain substances such as addicitve things (alcohol, smoking, etc) and this is because these substances are harmful to us. Although they're use only become harmful when you cross a certain limit, Guruji recognized that we, as human beings, must be able to discipline ourselves to understand the grave consequences from abusing such sunstances.

As far as hair is concerned, the hair on the head, and face of men, serves as our "uniform". We can stand proud to be of the Sikh religion because of this. Hair throughout the rest of the body, however, lacks this purpose because it is not seen as a quickly recognized outward symbol such as the kara or head hair. Therefore, without touching a blade, as used in shaving, would it be appropriate to use hair removing creams for removing body hair elsewhere from the head/face.

Thank you.


There are several reasons for not removing hair. Hair might be our "uniform"
because we have it, but we don't keep hair just to look different.
First, nature (Wahe Guru) put every hair on your body for a reason. The
hair of the legs regulates the glandular system. The hair under the armpits is to protect the very sensitive area where the parasympathetic and sympathetic
nervous systems balance each other. It affects the brain and your energy
Second, since you were designed with hair, you are saying to God "You are
an idiot, I'll redesign my body according to whatever my whim is today. Or
maybe I'll let some boy tell me how it should be." Remember, someday all the
boys and all the styles will be gone. You will breathe your last breath and pass
through the tunnel, and your life will pass before you. You will see every thing
you have ever done. The things we do for temporary gain which are against our
nature, will be very painful at that time. Before every action, think of
the long term consequences, even to infinity.
If you have so little self respect that you have to go against your own
best interest to get attention or affection from someone, then I would recomend
you need to read from Siri Guru Granth Sahib regularly. It will help you
understand yourself and your relationship to this very temporary world.
You will attract wonderful things to you, if you will live by Rehit.

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