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Summary of Question:Chatr Chakr Varti, Chatr Chakr Bhugtay Meditation
Date Posted:Monday, 9/08/2008 7:59 AM MDT


Just like to thank you all for doing a wonderful job here at sikhnet!

Ive used this service before and have had great feedback and im now following the sikh path as strongly as ever, touch-wood, i stay this way.

My question is regarding the Chatr Chakr Varti, Chatr Chakr Bhugtay meditation.
I recently bought a Chardi Kala Jatha CD, Mantras from Jaap Sahib, and have been sitting with the family in the evenings before going to bed, on the floor crosslegged, hands in whatever position possible, gian mudra or as i like it, palms together at the heart chakra.

I realised that when i do this i start to salvate alot and i have to swallow my saliva and i miss out on saying a few words quite often.

Wanted to know if this missing a few words every so often is bad/inncorrect, and if there is a certain position i should be doing this in.

In summary, which position should i be doing this meditation, time, eyes closed at third eye, mudra etc would be very helpful.

Thank you very much




Dear one,

Both the mudra's you described are fine.
Eyes are simply closed.

Do not worry about missing some words. Your glands are recalibrating
when the saliva comes heavily. Do not worry. This is not a problem. It
is a readjustment. So, keep up and gradually that will stop.

Bravo for your meditating.


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Chatr Chakr Varti, Chatr Chakr Bhugtay Meditation (09/08/2008)
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