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Summary of Question:I Desperately Need Help
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/13/2010 1:28 AM MDT

hello i asked you a question a while ago but i didn't receave a reply so can you please answer this one.

I am 14 years old

i have started school and it is the third term and already people a poking faces at me because i am different i feel really sad and vey un happy, i am also confused because i pray to god every day for a slitely happier life or for another sikh girl who wears a keski to com to my school because i am currently the only sikh girl in town with a keski on so people teese me about my appearance and it dosen't seem to come true, is it because god hates me. i really need answers. i have no idea why people hate me. they always make up dirty jokes about me and well i cannot discribe how i am feeling right now so that is why me sentences a bit dogey and so is my spelling.
WHY AM I FELLING SO DEPRESSED!!! I FEEL LIKE I JUST WANT TO GO AWAY FROM HERE GO FAR FAR AWAY FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO...OH I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!! I FEEL AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am probubly the loneliest girl in the school!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM HATED AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND EVERY WHERE I GO!!!!!!!!! I donot wan to becomecome someone i am not and i don't want to let go of the identity guru gobind singh ji gave me i never want to let go of my faith!!

THANK YOU please reply to my question i really need help!!! i am very depressed!!!!!


Sat Nam,

The problem is never really in what people do, but in what we do not do for ourselves. It sounds like you have run into some bad luck for a while but did not do anything about it and things got out of hand.
What you need to work with is Self-Esteem. Think of it as a commodity you need to acquire right now.

Check out these two links and start working on yourself.
Remember Sikhs are a strong worrier nation. If someone hits you on one cheek you do not need to turn the other, you have every right to defend yourself and stand up for yourself. If someone says something unpleasant to you, you have the right to say something back. Don't be abusive like them, but be firm and let them know that you are a strong woman who knows her self worth and is proud to be who she is. Don't ever start a fight but be strong and demand your right to exist even if you have to defend yourself with the whole entire school. Walk proud and remember Guru Gobind Singh is always walking by your side.


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I Desperately Need Help (07/13/2010)
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