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Summary of Question:Why Do You Think That The Message Of Guru Nanak Is Universal?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/24/2002 8:48 AM MST

why do you think that the message of guru nanak was universal..? do you think that his message aplies to all people no matter what their religion or caste is? please get back to me and could you please tell me why you think this..?

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Guru Nanak was a great seer, saint, and mystic. He was a prolific poet and a unique singer, a prophet of peace, love, truth and the Aquarian renaissance. He was centuries ahead of his times. His universal message is as fresh and true today as it was then. In fact, he belongs to that category of transcendent human beings who do not belong to any particular sect, creed, or religion but who belong to the entire humanity. Listening to his words and songs we can all blossom into our own identity and remember who we are, just as his listeners did then.


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Why Do You Think That The Message Of Guru Nanak Is Universal? (11/24/2002)
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