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Summary of Question:Why 16 Chants & 3 Pumps In Sudarshan Kriya
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/22/2007 6:58 AM MDT

Why in sudarshan kriya of yogi bhajan there are 16 chants of and three

pumps of navel on each waheyguru chant? what has promted this number of 16 multiplied by 3. Also is it same technique which was given by PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA

1. This is the way it was taught by Yogi Bhajan. So that is how it is practiced.
2. Yogananda may have taught a kriya by the same name. I don't know. It's possible to have the same name for 2 different kriyas, since Yogananda taught a different form of yoga.
Guru ang sang,

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Why 16 Chants & 3 Pumps In Sudarshan Kriya (07/22/2007)
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