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Summary of Question:Racial Discrimination is an excuse.
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/20/1999 12:44 AM MDT

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am hurt at the fact that you can even contemplate such an action, as to cut your hair to FIT in to the general population. This is a major problem which faces Sikhs these days.
From the previous post (RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES) in Foreign Countries): My brother, You say you are a Sikh, have an excellent academic record and have the opportunity to travel to a new country. All these Gifts are by the Kirpa of Waheguru. Back three hundered years ago, people realised that they live by the kirpa of Waheguru, They died for thier gratitude and died happier than they would have if they removed hair. You say that in outside counrties, there is racial discimination. I will tell you a little about myself and you can re-decide for yourself.

I am 19 years old, and was born in Australia to Sikh parents. I have lived here since and have only been to India once, 1 and a half years ago where I was fortunate enough to recieve Gods Amrit. In Australia, I have have experienced many different types of people. I grew up in a school, where I was the only Sikh person. I must admit it was hard explaining to all my peers why I have long hair. Curiousity is natural, it is the only way people learn.

I grew up and joined the Army. In the army, Uniformity is of huge importance and I thought it would be an obstical for me because I would look different to the rest who have thier head shaved first day. On the first day of recruit training, The Seargent came up to me and asked me about my religion. I told him about the 5 k's. Next day, he issued me a turban and i have never had a problem. A few weeks later a friend went through the same training, he was a Sikh who trimmed his beared and cut his hair. He was reluctant to shave his head and shave his beard and took it up with the Officers. They decided that wither he takes up full Sikh form or he shaves. He made the right decision and they issued him a turban and he kept his hair.

If you call this racial discrimination, please tell me where you see it.

In the holidays, I went and got a security guard license. I recieved a job on my first day in the Biggest Security guard company in Australia (CHUBB), no questions asked about my turban. During the interview, I was also told that a security guard needs self disipline and me by keeping a turban shows i have some. It worked as an advantage. Sikhs are looked upon favorably by employers, not the opposite that you think.

I am at Univerity now and I have NEVER recieved any racial discrimination, No bad comments about my appearance. Fact is, Most people around tha University know me because I stand out, is that a bad thing??? People strive to look different and be individuals. You see people who dye their hair all sorts of colours and wear unusual clothes all the time. Sikhs have a God given individual appearance, and you my brother are trying to change it. Its hard to fight alone, its hard to fight when no one is backing you up , its hard and sometimes scary, you will lose hope, you will fall and you will cry, Just like a young child who trys to walk but ends up falling and crying he again trys and trys but one day he finally learns how to stand on his feet and walk.

Dont give up. And prove to the world that, RAJ JKAREGA KHALSA
Sundeep Singh Shergill
[email protected]

p.s You have a the Kings Crown on your head and the world wants to take it off, will you give it up? or will you fight till the last breath?

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Racial Discrimination is an excuse. (07/20/1999)
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