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Summary of Question:Why Multiple Akhand Paaths Are Recited At One Gurdwara
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/17/2000 10:36 PM MST

i have asked the question after seeing this practice in lot of gurdwaras in punjab......most of the deras belonging to sant samaj practice this but i do not

believe in such a want to know what steps are being taken to follow the gurus in right sence regarding this matter.....kindly response

Dear One:
Sat Siri Akaal. Sorry for the delay.

You have asked a very pertinent question. The answer is two-fold as to why multiple Akhand Paaths are held in Gurdwaras, especially the Takht gurdwaras.

1) There are so many people who want an Akhand Paath recited for themselves/friends/family, so Gurdwara management has decided to shorten the waiting list by having multiple Akhand Paaths recited.

While an Akhand Paath is always a blessing, many people mistakenly think that they can have their faults and own personal lack of spiritual practiced covered by such a thing; Guruji taught us there is NO substitute for personal spiritual practice. Booking Akhand Paaths thus can be likened to visiting the 68 places of pilgrimage as a means of cleansing one's karma, when in fact cleansing of karma only happens from sincere PERSONAL spiritual practice and right living.

2) From (1) above, you can imagine what a business this is, since those who book Akhand Paaths are PAYING for them. In effect, therefore, the Gurdwaras earn money from pilgrims and devotees booking (in advance) Akhand Paaths. There is a 5-year waiting list for Akhand Paaths at Sri Darbar Sahib.

Generally, the folks who actually READ the Siri Guru in Akhand Paaths are PAID a salary or hourly wage. They are NOT true sevadars, they are employees.

I cannot say that Gurus ever specifically stated that multiple Akhand Paaths at one time is wrong. The question to ask: is it in the SPIRIT of Khalsa and Siri Guru Granth to have multiple Akhand Paaths occurring at one time? You would have to ask SGPC what they are doing about this at the Gurdwaras they manage (including Sri Darbar Sahib).

Guru rakha,

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Why Multiple Akhand Paaths Are Recited At One Gurdwara (02/17/2000)
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