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Summary of Question:Khalistan ?
Date Posted:Monday, 5/31/1999 2:54 PM MDT

I am sick to death of Sikhs shouting Khalistan.All the people which do say this are not living in India and the so called leaders are hiding in the rest of the world with bodyguards.The Sikhs in India are suffering from this, why dont the leaders go and say Khalistan in India.On the vasakhi cellabrations in Derby a few Khalistani came and spoke.They dident even speak one word about vasakhi all they spoke about was Khalistan.There was even a Sikh who every one was saying he is the priminister of Khalistan.How can a person be a priminester of a country which is not even exsist.What is your views on Khalistan? could we manage a coutry with so many fakes?

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This is a personal opinion, but as a western born Khalsa I have a different perspective.
The Khalsa is a spiritual nation. We don't have physical boundaries. Khalsa is going to rule the whole world, not just a little state.
Look at Israel if you want to see the trouble Khalistanis are asking for. They couldn't even survive if it wasn't for the US subsidies.
And yes, with the politcal fighting that goes on even in Gurdwaras, can you imagine what would happen if real political power was involved.
Personally, I think it's a big mistake to try to establish a political entity under the Khalsa flag. Khalsa is not a set of rules that can be enforced by the guns of government. It is service to and equality of all.

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