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Summary of Question:Re: Cigarettes
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/11/2002 4:56 PM MDT

Sat sri Akaal...

First I wanted to say a thousand thanks to the moderator who answered a recent question from a young lady about smoking at 16. Thanks for putting your foot down, and I hope any kid who is considering lighting up will see your no-nonsense reply.

For my little sister, it is not a matter of heaven or hell as much as health and self respect. If it is true that humankind each makes his or her own heaven and hell, then lying to your parents about smoking and partying is building hell the fast way. Losing trust is a terrible thing. Lying to yourself as well creates self-doubt, and in that state you get tangled in the web and forget God and the right thing to do.

If you think not of this, then consider your body. It is hell to quit smoking once you start. Get help. Please. Call your local Cancer Society for literature and support. Ask your doctor about Zyban or the transdermal patch. I used to be a caretaker for the old and infirm and I have seen the effects of smoking. One woman with a beautiful head of hair, lost it all to chemo and radiation. She also had to lug around a tank of oxygen everywhere. I've seen women younger than I, who look 20 years older. This is because smoking drains oxygen from the skin and causes premature aging.

I quit after smoking for 12 years. By the grace of God I am healthy. The reward has been physical and spiritual. I'm not trying to be some tired old adult preaching at a kid, I'm just saying consider that there are far greater things in this world than a smoke. Like God and Guru, and enjoying my life without wheezing. Or worse. Think about it. And if you need a little support, email [email protected]

By the way, I used a flavored lip gloss every time I wanted a smoke. It sounds really weird but it worked.

Good luck and Guru bless you.


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Re: Cigarettes (06/11/2002)
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