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Summary of Question:Re: sikhs?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/20/1999 6:54 AM MDT
Dear brother/sister

You ask the question, if this site is made by people who have, recently discovered Sikhism. People who made this Sikh Information Site have discovered Sikhism in the same way as, I/you have discovered Sikhim. The problem these days is, people Such as my self who are BORN into Sikhism take it for granted, they are born and are obliged to follow Sikhism but many fail to DISCOVER it. Sikhism is a Universal Religion and There is no race who is more recent to Sikhism. The problem is that... There probebly wouldnt be many more, punjabi Sikhs who have DISCOVERED sikhism, probebly less. We are all members of the Khalsa and children of the Same God. I salute the Sikhs who create this Website.

Sundeep Singh Shergill
[email protected]

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