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Summary of Question:Some Path To Drive Away 'Kaam' And Help Me With My Studies
Date Posted:Monday, 8/02/2010 7:03 AM MDT

wjk wkf,

i hav been blesed by waheguruji with everything. everything is fine. but my exams are approaching and i hav a very bad habit of watching porn. please help me out of this evil. these dayz i m trying my best to resist myself but i m unable.

plz suggest me sum path or gurbani to chant which can help me get rid of this evil and especially help me to concentrate in my studies.

do reply. its urgent.

thx in advance.


Sat Nam,

The best thing to do in your situation would be Sat Kriya.
Check out this link:

develop a consistent practice. See if you can build it up from 3 minutes to 31 minutes a day.

Good luck,

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Some Path To Drive Away 'Kaam' And Help Me With My Studies (08/02/2010)
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