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Summary of Question:Sangat
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/04/2000 8:43 PM MST


Is having a Sangat important? I've hung around in Gurdwara's n maybe i'm unfortunate that i cannot click with amritdhari's closely...only Fateh's n how are you's? Sometimes i feel something is wrong with me. I like being alone, and having space...I'm a woman wearing a dastar. I feel happy wearing my dastar. I feel happy walking alone n doing my simran. I would share about myself to others....n have tried introducing myself to people.....but people don't seem receptive towards me. Is Sangat important?

BK Khalsa.


Dear BK,

Having a Sangat is one of the most important aspects of being a Sikh. They are there to support you and help you keep up when you are not always right on. They are there as afamily and share in Gurudwara and share in your Langar and smile when they see you and want to know how you are and what you are doing. You plan things together and have parties at each others homes. It really gives you a sense of Love and Understanding. Unfortunately in this day and age this type of Sangat is so hard to find. The pressures of everyday modern life are not to be discounted. This is how it seems to working out these days. People seem to care less and less and less. Well there are Sangats like the one you envision and they exist because of people like you making them possible. If you want it you need to create it. Find others in your community that want that same feeling of togetherness and comfort and ask them to join you in creating this feeling. Actually it is really simple. Organize community things like Pic Nics or games or a party or a dinner with a lot of friends. If you can do this you will slowly be able to create the sense of Sangat that you desire. It will just take you getting others involved. Thank you.


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Sangat (01/04/2000)
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