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Summary of Question:Path For Kid's Health
Date Posted:Friday, 7/09/2010 12:18 PM MDT


My 5 year old son is hyperactive as a kid and has ADHD(attention deficit hyperactive disorder). He has been getting complaints from school about short attention span but is otherwise very bright.

What path can I do for him to calm down?



Sat Nam,
Most importantly you have to put him on a very healthy diet if you haven't already. No sugar, no sodas or any kind of foods containing caffeine. If he is hyperactive you need to put him into sports and all sorts of creative activities as much as you can so he can find a place or two where he can use all that excess energy. No TV or video games, he needs lots of physical activities. Please find out if there are other irritants in his life like perhaps a person in the family who constantly picks on him or makes his life difficult and limit the contact with that person or things.

The best Shabad to do for him would be: POOTA MATA KEE AASEES for at least 11 times a day until he is all better and even after that. Get yourself a CD recording of this Shabad and keep it playing in your house 24/7 on very low volume if you need to so no one can really hear, but the vibration will always stay in your house.
Another good thing would be to recite So Purkhs for him 11 times a day until he is better or for the rest of your life if you want your son to be the best most beautiful saint.


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