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Summary of Question:Gurmukhi Bir
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/06/2004 5:28 PM MDT

Question please reply,

Dear Sikhnet,

In the sikhnet dharma manual ..Set-up and Maintenance of states Using the Gurmukhi Bir...."It should be noted, however, that it is ideal to install the full Gurmukhi Bir in the Gurdwara in order to fully experience and develop a relationship with the Guru."

1)Can you please tell me if this is Pad Chedd(word seperate) or Lareedar(continous) Gurmukhi Bir?

2)Can you tell me what version your local Gurdwara adopts..Pad Chedd or Lareedar?
3)What is the color of the binding cover in you Gurdwara? I have seen only Gold cover.

4)Which cover color is best to obtain for Gurmukhi Bir one volume? Is there a particular Cover which is ideal for one volume?

thanks Please answer all my questions

thanks you

Dear John,
Sat Siri AKaal. The bir closest to Sikhnet headquarters is a Gurmukhi lareedar bir. The reference in the Sikh Dharma manual is not specific as to lareedar or pad chedd bir; I think this is personal preference. Since most of us here are not native Punjabi speakers, learning to read pad chedd bir comfortably is far harder than you might imagine, which is why we have lareedar. The binding is gold/green, if choices are available in binding color, then it is a matter of personal preference. There is no dictate or practice in SIkhi that says one color bir is preferred over another.
I think that reference you cite in the Manual concerns the written naad (sound current). Many non-Indian American Sikhs use Manmohan Singh's 8-volume SGGS, which includes Punjabi and English translations on each page. This is why it is 8 (or sometimes in 4) volumes. This has the effect of breaking up the written sound current, at a subtle level. Some folks compensate by having all 8 volumes with one available for use on the palki at all times. Having the bir in one volume with out distraction of other languages consolidates the written energy of the naad. HOWEVER, it does not matter which volume is used for recitation, my point being that the reader creates the naad by his/her effort, and at that level, the vibratory sound current is the same no matter which volume or bir is read from.
I hope this helps. Guru ang sang,

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