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Summary of Question:Re Guru Gobind Singh's "3 Wives"- He Had Only One Wife
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/13/2002 11:18 PM MST

In regards to the questions about guru gobind singh having 3 wives. he didn't. he had one wife. his wife's name was mata jeeto ji. when she got married her mother in law renamed her sundri. thus we get now mata sundri ji. still with me.

mata jeeto ji and mata sundri ji are one in the same. for the 3rd so called wife, it was mata sahib devan. mata sahib devan's parents arranged for her marriage to be with guru gobind singh ji. when they reached anandpur sahib, they found out guru gobind singh was already married. mata sahib devan's parents were afraid that now no one would marry their daughter.

guru gobind singh agreed that she could stay with them at anandpur sahib but he wouldn't accept her as a wife because he was already married. then the question came up that wouldn't mata sahib devan want children. guru gobind singh answered she'd be the mother of such a child that would be great and never die. mata sahib devan is the spiritual mother of khalsa.

i hope this answers people's questions about guru gobind singh and the idea that he had 3 wives.

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Re Guru Gobind Singh's "3 Wives"- He Had Only One Wife (11/13/2002)
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