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Summary of Question:Lions or Tigers
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/21/1999 9:17 AM MDT

Hello, I've often thought about the meaning of the name Singh. I've been brought up to believe it means Lion or Lion hearted. However, investigating the geography of India and surrounding areas of Punjab, I've found that only tigers naturally dwell there and lions come from Africa. Therefore can someone please tell me how Singh came to mean Lion despite the fact there were never any in that region.

Humbly yours T

Dear T,
Thank you for your question. The information sources you used were incorrect. Fortunately, you have access to a computer and the internet. Please see the following website for the Center for Preservation of the Asiatic Lion:

Because of human predation, the asiatic lion has become nearly extinct, but the habitat of the asian lion once included Northern Africa, the Middle East, the Balkan region of Southeastern Europe, and extended all the way through Asia Minor to include the entire Punjab and the region of Delhi.

Sat Nam,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Lions or Tigers (04/21/1999)
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