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Summary of Question:Doing only a few pauris of Japji Sahib
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 7/05/1999 8:45 PM MDT

Is it okay to do only a few pauris of Jap Ji Sahib in the morning? I've just started doing Japji sahib recently, and I'm gradually building my way up (so to speak). Will I get the same intrinsic benefits from say, reciting (and reading the english translation) of the first 20 pauris? I know in Sikhism, bani is our guru... will reciting only some of the bani bring me peace and contentment, and eliminate my ego, as opposed to reciting all of it?

The Japji is the essence of the entire Guru Granth Sahib. You should congratulate yourself that you have started this process. Although the goal should be to do the complete Japji, every pauri of japji is a complete key of immense knowledge and enlightenment in itself. So, you are doing a great job trying to comb through each pauri attempting to understand and perhaps unravel the hidden insights. You will gradually build up to that point where you will be able to do all of it. And the way you are going about it, this process will prove very enriching and inspiring. Guru Kirpa!

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Doing only a few pauris of Japji Sahib (07/05/1999)
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