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Summary of Question:Re: Depressed At Day Break And Dawn
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/08/2007 3:11 AM MST

I would like to reply to the post: Depressed At Day Break And Dawn

The original question and moderator's answer is as below. I would also like to offer some advice on this.

I would like to say
1. If you can between 4-7am (Amrit Vela) depending upon what time you get up every morning or however often you can, recite the mool mantra - if you do not have a copy I am sure you can find it on this site. Perhaps the moderator can direct you to where it is located on the site.
Also listen to Japji Sahib parth every morning (this is very powerful)
And Rehiras parth in the evening as often as you can. You can buy these on CD and listen to them as well as other parths like Sukhamani Sahib.

By doing this first thing in the morning after you wake up you embrace in your mind the concepts of God and Truth.

As whenever we are ill we still go to the doctor for medicine and sometimes without realising it our souls need medicine i.e. Wahegurus light.

Do some seva at the Gurdwara it is a wonderful thing to do for one's soul.

2. Now in relation to your depression this is as the moderator says for you to
to go and see the doctor. I would first see a nutrionist so that your diet can be looked at before you are simply prescibed anti-depressant drugs and are pushed out of the door! See a nutrionist first. You must do this. Explain your symptons and when they occur. Note / keep a diary of what you are eating each day. If you can keep the labels so you can see what is actually in the product.

Also consider how much natural light exposure you are getting. It is proven that the body especially the eyse need exposure to natural light.

What also maybe of help is the following:
Depression affects millions of people to varying degrees and lengths of time:
There is a book you can buy that explains depression, things to remove / minimise it amongst other general health advice of the body. It is
The Diet Doctors Inside and Out
by Dr Wendy Denning and Vicki Edgson
try looking on and ordering from or

Some advice from the book in relation to depression:
Depression is related to low serotonin levels.

Try exercise. It aids the release of serotonin and studies have shown that it not only improves self-image but can be as effective as taking antidepressants.

Keep up vitamin and mineral levels. Depression has been linked to deficiencies of B Vitamins, Zinc, magnesium and essential fatty acids. The B Vitamins, Zinc, magnesium are important in production of serotonin. And the higher the level of omega-3 fatty acids in the body, the higher the levels of serotonin.

Cut out junk food, fast food, processed and sugary food - a common cause of depression.

Eat enough carbohydrates. A diet with no carbohydrates can make youdepressed as the body uses them to make serotonin. Make sure you take complex carbohydrates, as blood sugar imbalances can be as important contributor to depression.

Avoid saturated fats as they lower your levels of essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and also slows the blood flow to the brain leading to sluggishness, slow thinking and fatigue.

Check for food sensitivities.

Alcohol depletes the body of essential fatty acids and B vitamins crucial for neurotransmitter production.

Supplements for depression:
Multivitamin and mineral with plenty of B Vitamins, particularly B6.
Omega-3 fish oils
Magnesium (especially in the evening)
Calcium (if you are not eating dairy products).
Zinc picolinate or true food zinc(as well as the multivitamin).
St John's Wort - great for combating depression (used widely in Germany) where it's shown to have been just as effective as prescribed drugs from mild to moderate depression but not for severe depression.

If none of this helps then your doctor my diagnose underlying thyroid or vitamin B12 deficiency.


I would strongly advise you to do the natural methods first i.e. exercise and your vitamin and mineral levels via your diet and the foods you eat rather than reaching for prescribed drugs and becoming reliant on them!

Diet is very powerful:
It is so important to understand also that throughout the world people have become so lazy and eat so much junk food that the long term effects of how their bodies start to function causes knock on effects. The body becomes starved of essential vitamins, minerals that it does not function efficiently and parts of it start to shutdown or overcompensate and that's when illnesses etc start to set in. The message is simple healthy diet 'promotes' healthy mind.

Also note that by seeing a nutrionist you maybe able to discover any allergies or food intolerances you may have which are not always clear and by removing them things can improve!

Social interaction. Try and do more with your life, hobbies, meeting friends, going to the gym, go for walks perhaps also with friends etc to occupy the mind so you have more interesting and varied things to do.

I have personally gone through a horrendous experience and I was severely depressed - even suicidal because I had lost all hope and the will to live). I was in a terrible mental and emotional state so obviously my diet and social side of life suffered and it created a viscious circle.
Naturally all I had left (but the most important thing) was to turn to my Glorious Maker and whenever the suffering got too much I went to the Gurdwara or I put on a CD of Sukhmani Sahib parth for peace of mind. I dedicate my ability to have been pulled through my pain to Waheguru. Today I believe (in my opinion) that I have advanced spiritually and my understanding and want to expand my knowledge of Sikhism grows and grows.

Do not expect results overnight. Give them time and allow the body and mind to switch into it's new mode.

Remember God is with you, within you and Loves you. God Bless You.

God Bless All

Summary of Question: Depressed At Day Break And Dawn
Category: Other
Date Posted: Thursday, 1/11/2007 9:54 PM MST

dear sir , want to know if any bani or paath will help my condition . I really feel very depressed when i wake up in morning or daybreak, once there isenough light i feel normal then . same is at dawn when it starts to get night , but i put on all lights , i get back normal . instead night times are my most peace full times . at these times i usually sit out in open and watch stars and think about universe . i always avoid looking at sun rise or sunset as i get depressed feelings. what would you recommend

Sat nam. Please seek medical or counseling help. "Seasonal affective disorder' is one version of this condition you describe, where people get depressed in winter when there is far less sunlight. Perhaps you have a version of this type of condition.

Also, you should chant the naam at these times of day when you start to get moody. Put on chant music and chant with the music. Hearing and chanting with music can help life your sadness at these times.
Guru ang sang

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