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Summary of Question:Calmness
Date Posted:Saturday, 1/19/2008 1:37 PM MST

I usually meditate once a day, and not knowing much about it I try to find inner knowledge as responded to another post.

When I meditate I instantly calm myself and am able to think a bit more clearly, but as for now I live in a city in South America and am constantly hearing some sound that distracts me, I can ignore them for a while but then I break meditation and could never get as calm as when I somethimes enter the soundproof room in my father's lab. Please, can you help me so I can block out sound for a bit longer?

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That's one reason why we meditate in the amrit vela. It is quiet and the vibrations of the daily activities have not become noisy yet. So, if you get up before sunrise to meditate it is much easier.

When I taught a meditation class at University we had a woodworking shop right across the hall from our classroom. When everyone was in deep dhyan, suddenly the screech of a crosscut power saw would echo through the room. When my students complained I told them, "If you can learn to meditate here, then you will be able to meditate anywhere."

So look at it as a test of your own ability to not be distracted. As your dyan becomes dharana and you are drawn deeper and deeper into your concentration, then nothing will be able to distract you. It is like two magnets coming nearer to each other. At first you feel a slight pull, but then it gets stronger and stronger as they get closer until they are strongly connected. That's how meditation works. At first you seek to go in. Then you go deeper in. Then you go completely in. Go through the distractions and keep up. They are just there to test you.


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Calmness (01/19/2008)
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