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Summary of Question:Gurdwara
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/12/1999 3:42 PM MDT

Could you please tell me if the any of the Guru's left any instructions on who should manage our Gurdware, or how they should be managed? e.g. panj pyare, committee's, what/how is the best way to manage them?

Thank you


Dear Rasanjit,

As far as I know the only thing was that Guru Gobind Singh Ji said before he died was that the Gur Granth Sahib Ji would be treated as the true Guru. There are obviously different Schools of thought as far as who and how a Gurdwara should be run. My personal opinion ( and I should be very careful in giving it) is that a Panj should be in charge. Comittees always end up fighting or concentrating on Politics or someones personal beliefs ( now you see why ) I want to state this here Politics ( in the sense of opposing parties) does under no circumstances belong in a place of worship. Unfortunately it happens all the time. Eventually this will lead to decay in belief and Faith and decline in attendance. The Gurdwara is not a place to air out these things. A Panj Pyare should run the Gurdwara and they should work out their differences behind closed doors away from outside influences. They should stand by their decisions as a unified group. The problem is how to pick who should do it. What is the protocol in this modern day and age that is going to work. These people will have to be open to changing their viewpoints and hearing the public. It sounds Idealistic doesnt it. Thats because it is. But, it is also the best approach, the one that has been used in villages in Punjab for a long time. It works, especially if they are from the community and they understand the issues. I think that the best way to limit their activity to solely Gurdwara issues and issues of Worship and prayer, is to set up guidelines which they cannot step around. For example, they cannot involve politics in the Gurdwara schedule etc. That way the people have a lot more control over what they hear or do every Sunday. You will go and Hear Kirtan and receive the Guru's Darshan without the rest of the goings on. I would also suggest that you contact SGPC and find out what kind of literature they have on the subject, that would probably prove very useful. Thank You

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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