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Summary of Question:Why Aren't Girls Treated With Equality?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/16/1999 11:06 PM MDT

Why aren't girls given Lorris or why aren't there many women in the Gurdwara comittees? And why dont people ever have the girl hold the kirpan in a wedding?


To treat girls as "less than" boys, would be called a 'gender bias' in the US and it is against the law.

Deep rooted steriotyping is hard to overcome overnight. Perhaps with education and "time", things will improve. In the meantime, ALL of us, women and men, need to work on this deficiency in our behavior. With each succeeding day, we find women occupying positions of authority and responsibility, which were previously the domain of only the men. Albright is the first ever woman Secretary of State. Elizabeth Dole has aspirations to become our President. Around the globe we have had Women Prime Ministers and Presidents of countries. Things are definitely looking up for women folks and I hope will continue to improve for them.


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Why Aren't Girls Treated With Equality? (03/16/1999)
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