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Summary of Question:All India Sikh Student Federation
Category:Sikh History
Date Posted:Monday, 12/05/2005 7:48 AM MST

sat sheri akal to all

my name is preeti i really need help in this topic is a "AISSF" which is stand for All India Sikh Student founderation". can you tell me the information like what is that mean? who developed it and when it started? simple question like that please. or even if You can gave me some Web address it woild be very thanksful. i did try on the web yahoo and google but i don't get that much information. if u can help me it will be great.

thak you so much

Sat siri akaal. This is a political student movement. They are either out of business, so to speak, or have become something else, because they do not have a website. You can find references to answer your questions on the All India Sikh Student Federation at this google search.
Guru ang sang,

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All India Sikh Student Federation (12/05/2005)
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