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Summary of Question:Feeling Nervous About Stopping Shaving (Woman)
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/28/2011 1:13 AM MDT

Sat Nam! For three years now I have been learning and coming to the Sikh faith. I began wearing a turban, dressing in white, waking early in the morning for prayers and meditation. I have toyed with the idea of allowing my hair to grow on my legs and under arms, but in all honesty I feel very nervous about it. My husband is not a Sikh man, yes he supports me in what I want, but he is so used to me being smooth. I have very thick hair, and when i allow my hair to grow it feels stubbly.

I would love to get some advice on this. I am feeling like God wants me to really accept all parts of myself.

Thank you,
Siri Shakti

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Siri Shakti, Sat Nam! This is an inner process and your experience comes according to your own understanding.

I want to share Harsimranpreet Kaur's experiences with you.


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Feeling Nervous About Stopping Shaving (Woman) (07/28/2011)
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