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Summary of Question:Guru Nanak Sahib Ji And The Other Nine Guru's Were Not A Hindu
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/25/2007 5:58 AM MDT

Dear Sir/Madam



My name is Balwinder Singh, I am 20 and I am born and live in London, UK and I am writing to say that why do alot of book's which are published on our Sikh Guru's and Bhagats say that they are Hindu or Muslim when it is not true.

Even our Sikh brother's and Sister's say that the Guru's were born and first were Hindu or Muslim than they became Sikh which is false.

When a Child take's birth in this world wheather it is born in a Non-Sikh family it is born as a Sikh becasue the child is not born with a shave or a Hair cut etc. it is born the way God has made it and the meaning of a Sikh is to live and stay as God has created.

Guru Nanak Sahib ji has said it in the Guru Granth Sahib ji that neither am a Hindu and neither am a Muslim.

So why do the majority of Sikh's and Non-Sikh's say that the Sikh Guru's were Hindu or Muslim but later they became Sikh's but infact they were Sikh's when they were born becasue they live the way God has made them.

Why do the majority of Sikh's and Non-Sikh's publish book's and say that the Sikh Guru's were Hindu or Muslim first and later they became Sikh's?

Gur Fateh ji

(REPLY) Sat Nam. I understand what you've written! You are right -- in as much as every human being on the planet is born as a "Sikh" --- except that you have to admit that before Guru Nanak became the Guru (and his followers were called "Sikhs"), -- no such religion existed! He and many future Gurus were born of parents who were considered Hindus or Muslims, and so that is why you read about them that way. Sikh history begins with Guru Nanak becoming the first Sikh Guru. I wish you didn't seem so upset about this, when all it has to do with is the historical background of parentage. OKAY?

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Guru Nanak Sahib Ji And The Other Nine Guru's Were Not A Hindu (03/25/2007)
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