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Summary of Question:Conversion
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/18/2001 4:12 PM MST

I am a 14 year old white male living in Indianapolis, Indiana who is interested in converting to Sikhism. What do I have to do, or where do I need to go to convert t Sikhism. What will I have to do after I convert?

Dear One: I really think you need Sikh congregation to help you through this. You can find the Gurdwaras in Indianapolis by going to: Then click on "Gurdwaras" on the left. Then click on next page to find United States. Click again on Next page to find Indiana, then double click on Indiana and 3 gurdwaras will show up. Contact them or just go one Sunday (bring a head cover). Befriend Sikh youths or adults at such Gurdwaras and they will teach you about Sikhism and the lifestyle of Sikhs.
You can also read everything on this Web site (look at and go to to search OTHER sites about Sikhi.
Guru's grace upon you,

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Conversion (12/18/2001)
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