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Summary of Question:Fish Tank In Gurdwara
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/18/2006 8:16 PM MDT

Hi ,

I have been very upset . Im living in Singapore and we have 7 gurdwaras here . One of which is Gurdwara Sahib Silat Road which has programmes and akhand path throught the year . Last week to my amazement , a big man made fish tank was brought in and placed right at the entrance of gurdwara . Pictures were removed from langar hall for i dont know what is the reason . Of course some people are saying in India there are fishes in gurdwara and there are also birds in gurdwara . But it is not put by some man . Birds fly there and sarovar cant be compared to a man made fish tank. And what is the fishes going to eat ? Definetely non veg will be brought in to gurdwara to feed the fishes . I dont understand why cant someone who wants to do something for gurdwara or for God donate something which will be of use to gurdwara and society rather than a fish tank which will serve no purpose .

Some people say we have to be broad minded about religion and some people are critising this act of some generous person who doesnt know what a gurdwara needs are . Maybe new curtains , ramalas ,be it new pots and pans , carpets or sound system ,painting of gurdwara or doing some engravement of khanda etc ?

What do you say moderator and people out there?

Sat nam. Do you know the WHOLE story? Was this only a donation or did someone have a fish tank s/he couldn't maintain anymore and figured to give it to the gurdwara as a tax deduction?
Your points above are all legitimate, except don't worry about the fish food. Fish are what they are and eat what they eat. Feeding them non-veg food is not the same as people eating meat in a gurdwara. And the fish cannot be blamed. It seems it would be more appropriate for the fish tank to reside in a Sikh community center or even a langar hall. It can be very peaceful watching fish, but in a gurdwara that constitutes a distraction.
Have you considered taking your complaint to the management and the one who donated the fish? Gurdwaras so often do need the basics: kitchen utensils, ramallahs, etc. "Don't mourn, organize." Don't just complain; if enough of you feel strongly about the fish tank, do something together to get it out of the gurdwara, don't wait for the other person to do it. Guru ang sang,

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Fish Tank In Gurdwara (03/18/2006)
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