SikhNet Celebrates it's 10th AnniversaryThe Many Faces of SikhNet

So, you watched the video and liked the cool morphing faces of the Sikhs? Well, you can download this animation sequence onto your computer and have it displayed as a screen saver!

Setup Instructions
Download and save the screen saver file
to your windows folder: C:\WINDOWS\system32

Then if you go to your windows "Start" menu and select "Settings", then "Control Panel", and then the "Display Properties" option. You'll see a few tabs and the third one is called "Screen Saver". Click on this tab and then you can select the new "Many Faces of SikhNet" screen saver from the list and then select "OK" to save your settings.

You can also click the "Settings" button for the screen saver to change some of the options and even make the screen saver full screen!

Please Note: In our tests we did notice that it took about 10-20 seconds for the computer to respond once you select the screen saver or click on the "settings" option. So, be patient and just wait a bit while it does it's thing. Also the Screen Saver will only work on computers running the windows operating system (sorry MAC users).

Options for watching the video:
Broadband - Dialup Modem - Download
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