Following the Balbir Singh Sodhi Trial

On September 11th, 2001, a tragic attack against the United States left thousands dead when Middle Eastern extremists flew two airplanes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Four days later in Mesa, Arizona, Balbir Singh Sodhi was shot and killed while planting flowers in front of his family-owned gas station. Balbir Singh was a gentle Sikh man who, in keeping with the tenets of his faith, kept a beard and wore a turban. His death was classified as a hate crime. Balbir Singh had been a beloved member of his local community, giving candy away to the neighborhood children and allowing people going through tough times to purchase gas on credit. His death sparked an outpouring of grief from the Mesa community and caught the attention of the international media. The entire Phoenix community stood with Balbir Singh and his family, decrying all acts of hatred and calling for the protection of innocent people, for peace between different cultures and religions.

As the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks comes and goes, Frank Silva Roque is standing trial in Phoenix for the murder of Balbir Singh Sodhi. Stay tuned to SikhNet for continued coverage of the murder trial.

Stories on the Trial
Balbir Singh Sodhi: From the Archives
Frank Roque Apologies For Death Of Sodhi
Sodhi Murderer Gets Additional 36 Years

Frank Roque Given Death Sentence for Shooting of Balbir Singh Sodhi
Sentencing Statement from the Sodhi family and the Phoenix Sikh Community

Jury Deliberations Continue in Sodhi Shooting

Roque's Attorneys Cite Mental Illness in Call for Leniency
Sodhi Shooter Suffered from Disorder

Sikh's Family Not Out For Vengeance

Killer Of Sikh Man Moves Closer To Death Penalty

Verdict Statement On Behalf Of Sodhi Family And The Phoenix Sikh Community
Peace And Justice Prevail For Sodhi Family

Jury Rules Sodhi Shooter Guilty
US 9/11 Revenge Killer Convicted, BBC
NRI Murder: Conviction Relieves Sikh Diaspora, The Times of India
Man Convicted in Sikh Slaying after 9/11, ABC News
Guilty of "Race Hate" Killing,

Out To The Jury: Sodhi Shooter's Fate To Be Decided

Insanity Defense Difficult for Jury

Expert says Video Suggests Roque Rational After Killing

Sodhi Jury Sees Post-Killing tape of Mesa Man who Gunned down Sikh Store Owner

Post-9/11 Sodhi Shooting Trial In Final Phase: Case Could Go To Jury By End Of Week
Witness Say Shooter Suspect Faking Insanity

Court Psychiatrist Rips Apart Insanity Defense

Psychologist Refutes Insane Ruling in Sodhi Trial

No Memory of Shooting Sodhi Killer says

Psychologist Testifies Roque was Psychotic

Sikhs, Friends and the Phx Community Honor Balbir Singh at Memorial Event

Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event
Siblings Testify Balbir Singh's Shooter Mentally Ill

Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event

Prosecution May Rest Case Thursday in Sikh Killing Trial

Defendant Told of Argument with Sikh, Friends Testify

Crime Scene Evidence Hard on Balbir's Widow in Hate-Crime Killing Trial

The Sodhi Trial Continues: Court Told Defendant Hated Arabs

Lawyer: 'Post-9-11 Rage Led To Sikh's Slaying'
Phx Drive-By Victims Relate Terror In Sodhi Murder Trial

Trial Opens For Man Accused Of Killing Sikh
'World Is Watching' Trial In Post-9/11 Sikh Killing

Balbir Singh Sodhi Post 9/11 Hate Crime Killing Trial Begins Today

Sodhi Shooter Ruled Not Insane By Court Psychiatrist
From September 2001
Balbir Singh Sodhi Memorial Event Slide Show
Images of Balbir Sodhi - created by Phulpreet Singh, Balbir Singh's nephew. (Sept. 27th, 2001)
United Nations Secretary General Letter to the Sodhi Family
US Department of Justice Letter to the Sodhi Family

From September 2002
Full Circle: One Year Later, The Family of Balbir Singh Sodhi Moves On
Personal Messages from the Sodhi Family Video Clip
(From the Balbir Singh Sodhi Embrace Diversity Memorial Event, September 14th, 2002 in Mesa, AZ)
SikhNet 9/11/02 Retrospective

From September 2003
Sukhwinder Singh Remarks
Phoenix Sikh Community Statement
Photos from the Balbir Singh Sodhi Memorial Event

SikhNet News Archive on Balbir Singh Sodhi

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