Preperation of the Amrit

Preparation of the Amrit
Those who are to be baptized now stand and meditate upon the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, mentally chanting Wahe Guru, while keeping their gaze on the Amrit being prepared. (Any person who is unable to stand due to a physical disability may sit.)

First water is poured into the bata, the iron bowl. The amount depends on how many will be baptized. During the first Amrit ceremony, Mata Sahib Kaur added the sugar to the water, to insure that sweetness and compassion would temper the steel with which the Khalsa was being imbued. As the sugar (patasis white sugar cakes are traditionally used) is added, meditate upon these qualities.

The Panj Piaray sit in a semi-circle around the iron bowl in virasan (sitting on the left heel, with the right knee raised). Each Piara places his or her fingertips on the edge of the bata, keeping the eyes focused upon the water, concentrating upon the banis.

Their ten eyes represent the Ten Gurus, who are giving their energy to the Amrit, as their ten hands prepare it. One sevadar stands with a Siri Sahib during the ceremony, serving as guardian over the proceedings.

The Head Piara sits in the center, holding the Khanda in his right hand, with the thumb on top. Moving the Khanda forward and backward through the water, he begins to chant Japji Sahib while his other hand holds the edge of the bata. Once the Khanda enters the water, it is not taken out of the water again until the ceremony of preparing the Amrit is ended.

All should keep their eyes focused upon the water, to energize the Amrit as they silently chant along with the Banis.

After Japji Sahib is completed, the first Piara proclaims, Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ke Fateh! This will be repeated at the completion of each of the Banis. S/he then gives the Khanda to the Piara directly to his/her right, who recites Jaap Sahib.

The third Piara recites Tev Prasad Swaiya while continuing to stir with the Khanda. The fourth Piara recites Baynti Chaopai, including the Aril; and the fifth Piara, who is directly on the left side of the first Piara, recites the entire forty Pauris of Anand Sahib. The Khanda is then passed into the hands of the first Piara again.

When the Banis are completed, the Head Piara continues to stir the Amrit as all five slowly stand, lifting the bata into the air. The Head Piara offers an Ardas to bless the Amrit while they all continue standing. The bata is then placed upon a small stool; the blade of the Khanda remains in the Amrit.

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