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Summary of Question:I Dont Know What To Do Anymore
Date Posted:Monday, 11/12/2007 10:04 AM MST


i just recently converted to Sikhi and my mother is totally against it. she recently took all of my turbans and threw them away along with my indian clothes. the only things that are still surviving are the turbans i keep at school, my karas, nitnem, sukhmani sahib and a few leaflets. she wants me to give up sikhi but i refuse. recently she went up to the gurdwara sahib and completely disrespected it by going in without her head covered and with shoes on. i refused to do the same and she got angry. to make matters worse she started cursing and banned me from the gurdwara. what do i do?



I know this response is coming very late but if you still find yourself in the same situation here is something that maybe helpful.
Don't argue with your mom you can't change her and you are not responsible for her life. However, you are responsible for your life. If being a Sikh is deep in your heart then there may not be a reason to display it outwardly. Keep peace in the family while keeping peace in your heart.

When you are living on your own, and you can chose to do that at some point, you can also chose to live the way you want. Don't upset your mother right now but keep the connection going inside of yourself if it is important to you. Figure out what you can and can not do for now but plan your life to live the way you want in the future.

It may take some strength and you may have to ask yourself over and over if you are really up for it, but if the answer is yes then don't worry about it. Sometimes accomplishing your goals in life by slow and sure way is better than by confronting everyone around and making yourself crazy.

Lots of Love,

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I Dont Know What To Do Anymore (11/12/2007)
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