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Summary of Question:Messed Up In Life
Date Posted:Monday, 7/06/2009 6:54 PM MDT

Hi i dont want to use my real name for confidential reasons but i am a fifteen year old really confused my whole life has been confusing when i was little my birth mother left me and my little brother with my dad because she used drugs ive never really had a mother figure until i was 8 with my step mother now we have a wonderful family my my brother and our two sisters with my dad and mom.

but enough about that last year i had start to loose my ways i started haning with the wrong crowd i started smoking and everything i was addicted to smoking i did all bad things like steal cheat and everything i realized i was doing wrong and it was going to get me no where i stopped with all the bad things and i promised god i would not do anything bad then one day i smoked again i felt REALLY BAD I HAD BROKE A PROMISE WITH GOD not once but 3 more times in the future i feel really bad it was like a pattern that i regret so much sometimes i just want to kill my self because i have messed up. now i changed my ways i dont do nothing bad i stopped hanging with the bad crowds i made a promise with god that6 i am going to change and i am sticking to it. i Listen to phat everyday now which i recently started. i am growing my hair out and am getting a turban. i am learning the ways of sikhism and am going to be a sikh after i amrit shak and i am stopping to eat meat and eggs. but after all this i am a new me but i always feel like i messed up in life what should i do? did i really mess up? can i fix it? do you think god will help? please respond thank you god bless.
God is the forgiver. You have had many big challenges in your very young life. Your are blessed and you have a strength and grace within you. Look to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib for help. Read from it daily. In fact you should take a hukam daily and read it in English so you can understand what Guru is directing you to each day. Develop Guru as your friend and guide. God is so forgiving and Guru will give you the magnetic frequency of a divine life. Expereince it and use it. You will be a very great human being. SK

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Messed Up In Life (07/06/2009)
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