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Summary of Question:40 Days Meditation
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/15/2010 4:42 AM MDT


Im about to start a 40 day meditation and just wanted to clear up a few points before i do.

structure - if the 40 day med is for 2.5 hours per day (so purakh), do you need to sit for 2.5 hours un-broken? Or could you split it up and eg do 5 x 30 mins instead?

Time - Do you need to do it at the same time everyday? ie 6pm everyday, or between a certain time span ie between 4-7am, or is it ok as long as you complete it within a calendar day? Or does a day count between when you wake up and when you go to sleep - so you could do it after midnight and still count it?

Space - Do you need to sit in the same place everyday? (ie create the energy in the same physical space)

Volume - Do you need to speak it out aloud or can you say it in your mind? If you have a cd, can u sing along, or just listen to it?

Can i do more than one meditation at a time? Ie i want to do so purakh for 40 days (2.5 hours) and gobindeh mukhandeh (11 minutes)



Sat Nam,

OK, these are all wonderful questions and you already answered some of them yourself.

1. You can some times split up your meditation time but it is always better to dedicate full 2.5 hours a day. Even if you go to the bathroom in the middle of your meditation keep chanting.

2.It is always best to do the meditation at the same time every day. Of course we all know that meditating in the Amrit Vela is the best and if you could do it sometimes or all the time it would be wonderful, but don't blame yourself if you need to do it at some other time of day like when you come home from work or school.

3. If you've been out all day and came home late past midnight it would still count as the same day since you did not go to sleep yet. So if you can do it that late please do although I can see it being very problematic to sit at such a late hour for 2.5 hours. It is best to make a commitment for 40 days and just not go out late during that time. Commitment is the most important thing in the meditation it needs to be honored above all things.

4. You are correct about crating proper energy in the same space. Your meditation space is your altar upon which you put yourself and honor yourself.
Meditating is not always recommended in bed or on top of the bed as it will make you want to sleep and break your concentration. It is best to get a nice mat or a sheep's skin with a pillow and blanket designated just for your mediation. If you, however will find yourself having to start your meditation while you are on the bus or walking home that is still better than nothing.

5. It is always best to be producing a sound. Yes some meditations need to be performed silently vibrating the words in your mind but producing a vibration always helps. Of course if you are doing it for 2.5 hours you may need to pace yourself, so listen to your own intuition and take care of yourself.
Using a CD always helps. You can get some from Spirit Voyage.

6. You can do as many meditations in a day as you want. Please don't over load yourself with too many all at once. Meditating for 4 hours a day will feel great but may prove to be impossible to maintain every single day for a long time. Design your schedule in a reasonable way. Make sure you can stick to your commitments and no amount of destruction will sidetrack you. It is always wise to start small and keep adding according to your ability to handle it than overwhelm yourself right away and never want to do it again.

Remember some meditation every day no matter how little is always better than no meditation at all even for one day.


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