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Summary of Question:Passed Away
Date Posted:Saturday, 2/10/2001 10:46 PM MST

My uncle (mom's brother) passed away .. It still hasn't hit me.. The whole day has been full of so much crying, all of the family was together.

My uncle was only 40, he was in a severe car accident. He had a blood clot near his brain, and went straight to the ICU for surgery.. Two hospital's had turned him down and told him just to take tylonol, and he slept the night at his house, then in the morning collapsed in the washroom.. It was completly un-expected, because they removed 95% of the clot, and then he had a heart attack.. They tried to revive him, but it didn't work.. A little while later they pronounced him dead.

One thing for sure, this has made our whole family wake up, and we are all together, all of the relatives from everywhere.. It was certainly an awakening, but I can't understand at all.. Why did it have to happen to him.. He had two sons, one was 3 and one was 5.. And nobody can ever replace your father..

I've spent all of the day consoling my mom, and everybody else.. I realised the main meaning of life, and how all my problems before were nothing at all.. Life is so short, why did this have to happen to my uncle? I don't understand at all, and I can't stop crying.. I was surprised at how strong I was all day, but just the thought of how he isn't going to be back, I can't handle it..

My uncle's actions weren't always completly truthful, but he never did anything unless he had to.. He was the light of our family, making everyone laugh all the time, holding everyone together.. Now we lost him.. His young children lost him.. His wife lost him.. I have so much faith in God, and I know he does everything for a reason, but I just don't understand this at all.. I got to see him one last time.. And I just immedietly started doing naam simrin in my mind because that's just what my heart told me to do..

everything is in god's hands
everything is god's will
everything happens for a reason

but why don't i understand this? what's going to happen to my uncle? how do i move on, i just don't know what to do.. i was crying the least today, because i knew i had to be there for the rest of the family.. but it still doesnt make sense.. i just came on the computer to ask for guidance, but if you can't help me, it's completly understandable.. i'm just deeply hurt, i don't know where to go, and what my role is right now

will my uncle be okay, what's going to happen to him, is there a such thing as ghosts, i'm really really confused right now

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh..

***** REPLY *****

Sat Nam, dear one. Your grief comes through your message so strongly that as I sit here reading what you have written I feel the depth of it inside of me.

Your grief is for your loss, and for the loss of the whole family, but for your uncle you must find the joy and the celebration of his returning to Akal Purkh so that he can become free of the earth and NOT become a "ghost". A ghost is soul that cannot get free from the earth because of the attachments.

You have the power, through your love for your uncle, to relase his soul so that it can return to God. You must chant "Akal" out loud 3 times with your eyes closed, meditating on your uncle and visualizing him flying free of the earth and merging into the Infinite Light. Bless him and release him through your love. Recite Sukhmani Sahib for 40 days meditating on your uncle with peace and joy. Share kala chana with your family and bless your uncle on his journey home.

All love in Divine, .....G

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Passed Away (02/10/2001)
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