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Summary of Question:Baseless Allegations
Date Posted:Sunday, 2/18/2001 5:13 PM MST


Khalsa Ji,your forum has always been of immense help to i ask u another question...last week some of my "once-close-friends" blamed me for something bad which i had nothing to do with...i swore upon my parents,sister...even my Gurus and the LORD Himself to convince them and finally broke down in tears but they just wouldn't believe me...Khalsa Ji,tomorrow when they find out the truth,they'll regret it...i don't think it would be proper to forgive them even if they came to apologize to me,since they insulted my Guru by not believing in my oath...please shed some light on this and tell me what is proper.


Ek ong kar...the Creator of this creation is one
Sat Nam...truth is his name
Karta purakh....doer of all
nirvair...without anger.......................

Be grateful that as God is the doer of all things, that you are not the one doing the slander. Show your majesty and thank God and forgive them. This is the majesty and elevation of being a pure one of God. Relate to your excellance and not to your limitations. "God bless you, bless you, bless you". Say that in your mind before you speak or even face them.

Awaiting your reply!

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Baseless Allegations (02/18/2001)
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