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Summary of Question:Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/22/2001 5:29 PM MDT


Please dont laugh, I know this is a rather trivial question ,but if you answer it it will resolve a long running (friendly) argument Ive been having with a fellow Singh.
The question is this>> should a Puran gursikh ( Dastaar wearing) apply to be on the TV show Who wants to be a millionaire ?
Ive been saying that a Sardaar ji /sardarni is the embodiment of Guru govind Singh Ji and to appear on that show is an insult to Guruji and His crown /bana
also a sikh strives to control the five Chaur /vices ie. not shamelessly chasing material things but strive to free him/herself from such worldy attachments
I believe that for a Puran gursikh to appear on that show is like "letting the side down" an insult to all Khalsas who strive to be like Guru Govind Singh

BUT my friend says who am I to judge >> Its only a game show a little bit of fun

Am I being a spoil sport ? taking things to literally ? Should I lighten up a bit ?

I just feel that all Dastaar wearing Singhs and Kaurs have a responsibily to not dishonour their Father and Mother (Guru JI and Mata JI) and I feel to appear on such a high profile show ,which is basically a total greed Fest , and so against the Basic teachings of guru Granth Sahib IS dishonouring the Mighty Khalsa and the memory of our beloved Brave Shahids.

BUT am I being too melodramatic? am I just giving the "party line " am I guilty of taking the Fun out of Sikhi and forbiding every thing --- like so many young Sikhs complain about on this forum ?

I know this is hardly a huge Major theological or even important question but my friend and I have been discussing it for a while >> and as we havent got any where I thought Id get some input from you >> You always give very good well thought out advice ( BTW Thank you for all your help and advice you are doing wonderful seva for the Panth) So like I said before dont laugh>> I know its a trivial question but the deeper you go the less trivial it gets >> I know Im being stupid and should use my time more in the service and glory of Guru ji>> but you know what its like when you get into an argument and you cant resolve it >> and as we're both Singhs we dont know the meaning of surrender or backing down ( just joking)

Could you possibly help ? or at least give an opinion >> all points of view welcome !!!

Many Thanks (also apologies if Ive offended anyone Bhul Chuk Maaf
I have a tendency to go on >> I'm sorry I'm just one of lifes daydreamers and procrastinaters >> But Im striving to reach for that khalsa Goal SatGuru Ji 's Charan Kammal>>> WAAHEGOOROO !!!!!!!

WaheGurooJIKaKhaalsaaWaheGoorooJiKiFateh !
Dear One, you certainly are expressing some duality in your stand on the Quiz show debate.

Look at it this way. Any time a Gursikh is in the public eye.....displaying qualities of grace and elegance and intelligence and kindness, it is giving credit to our Master Guru Gobind Singh. Even playing a game, Khalsa has the role to stand out as a radiant example of the excellance of God's human creation. If the game is not raunchy and dishonest(I have never watched it) then go for it...other wise leave it and put your public aspirations in a more noble area of TV viewers.

But if your friends is looking and acting like a slob...forget it! Just joking. I do hope that I made a point of value.

God bless you, SKKK

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (03/22/2001)
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