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Summary of Question:Love Or Mind
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/07/2009 2:32 AM MDT

Sat sri akal... there is a question tht i wan to ask... how to know weather to follow ur heart or mind...its realli confusin... when i wan to know frm my heart its so hard...n also recently i love a guy but he does't know tht i love him. i dun even know if its realli love or affection...i met him on my mom's jago nite but nvr talk to him once. n when i see him he'll look at me.. even during the wedding... i wan to smile but am so shy... dunno why... well i think its realli dumb rite...n now since the wedding is over i dun think i'll get to see him...coz tht was the first time i saw him..i've nvr spole to any guy before even if i do before i speak to him i'll thinnk wat he might be am i weird... n can u give me a shabad tht will ease my mind...

tnks alot...
sat sri akal
You are infatuated with your feelings of attraction. This could also be called flirting. do this.......
There is a beautiful shabd for your to recite, sing and meditate on the meaning:

HAR KIRTAN MEH EHO MAN LAAGAY...................." Raag Gauri-Guru Arjan Dev ji
You can find it on Sikhnet shabds for printing...look it up and copy it and recite it daily 11 times for 40 days. God bless you, SKK

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Love Or Mind (07/07/2009)
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