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Summary of Question:Forgetting The Past
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/01/2001 5:25 AM MST

Dear sikhnet

Thank you for the help you have given me. But you see, in the past I was a laidback person, not competitive, not participative and very shy to even voice out my opinions and the enviroment I was brought up in always discouraged me and I even got bullied in school alot. I want to change and become better but the when I try to, the past always comes back into my mind and so that undeters me. I would like to know how I can forget the past and never recall it and so I can also take Amrit. Please tell me how.
I will be very greatful.

Dear one, Let the process of taking Amrit be the breaking of your ties with the unpleasantness of your past. See yourself being reborn into a new identity. Your new identity is as a Khalsa....a son or daughter of Guru Gobind Singh & MAta Sahib Kaur..........with their guidence and daily lifestyle of the rehit maryada.

As far as the unpleasant thoughts that your mind is being bombarded with, when they come to you....take a deep inhale...hold the breath briefly and slowly exhale through your nose as you look at the tip of your nose and mentally chant "wahe guru...wahe guru...wahe guru. Practice this each time the undesired thought come to you and see the success of your retraining your thinking.

God bless you,SKKK

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Forgetting The Past (03/01/2001)
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