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Summary of Question:16Th Birthday Party - Western
Date Posted:Saturday, 3/31/2001 8:12 AM MDT

I go to an all girls school, where one of my best friends is English. She is having a 16th birthday party and her parents have hired a Hall. There will be a disco, English food and of course boys of a similar age (16).I do not think there will be alchol, only soft drinks.

She is one of my best friends, I would like to go, what are your thoughts on this issue. If I do go what would be best to wear in view of the type of occasion. It may well be that I will be the only Sikh there.
I understand that the manner in which I conduct myself should perhaps be the governing factor, but there seem so many issues to deal with.

Have you discussed this with your parents? What did they say? If you go to the party, you must consciously maintain your grace and choose your company wisely. Dress with grace and modesty.


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16Th Birthday Party - Western (03/31/2001)
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