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Summary of Question:Guru Nanak Contradicts Guru Gobind's Philosphy
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/05/2000 8:59 PM MST

In many ways, Guru Nanak's teachings contradict that of Guru Gobind's ways.

First of all, Guru Nanak denied wearing the sacred thread of the Hindus and he did not recite the words of a holy book. Infact, he composed hymns of his own and recited these. In sikhism, we believe that there is more than one way of communing with God. So all of a sudden, Guru Gobind Singh devised a physical identity and made it compulsary. Now just like Guru Nanak, if I reject keeping long hair, I guess there's nothing wrong with it or is there. Now, whether you say yes or no, you would still be favouring one Guru not the other.

Also the Gurus compiled the Guru Granth Sahib. Now what did they recite: did they read the Hindu holy books or the muslims or they just recited their own.

Now what if i make a book which teaches equality, sharing, and communion with God. how is this any different. I can just like them tell the difference like them. They lived a different life. They converted from their own religion and made a new religion. There was nothing with their religion, it was simply the people who were corrupt not the religions. And also Guru Nanak did never say that one needed to convert their religion but Guru Gobind started a new religion whose most precious articles include weapons eg. sword and sikhsism's logo is made up of weapons. This relfects clearly that sikhism's articles are related to war like activities.

Also there is such a big deal that men should not cut any part of their hair but on the other hand 98% women cut their facial hair eg. shape their eyebrows.

Sikhism's identity is all wrong. It shold not be based on the physical appearance rather on the deeds of their action
Greetings to you in the Name of God the light of every soul and in the Name of Guru th life of every Sikh.

Guru Nanak Dev ji passed on his light to 9 human successors. Each Guru expanded the message of Guru Nanak by putting his teachings into practices. The crowning point of our way of life lies in the Rahit Maryada...the practices that give us the ability to live in perpectual God Consciousness.

Rather than find fault in those around you, perhaps you could just practice the pure teachings of the Gurus so at least you can get right.

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Guru Nanak Contradicts Guru Gobind's Philosphy (12/05/2000)
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