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Summary of Question:Name After Amrit
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/26/2001 2:50 PM MDT

Khalsa Ji,i just wanted to know how does a person's name change after taking Amrit...Singh becomes our last name,but what about the first name?...does that also change?...i've seen that Hindus retain their first name after taking Amrit and add Singh as last name...same was in the case of the Panj Pyaare...please guide me...thanks! :)

SatSriAkaal! :)
Greetings and blessing's to you. You do have the option to change your first name after taking "Amrit". This is not a requirement. Some people ask for a spiritual name, particularly in the case of a person having a Western Name that is not from Gurbani or a name that has no spiritual reference.

You could ask for a name from the Punj Piare, or take the hukam from your Amrit and choose a name from the first letter of the hukam that was taken and choose. Or you could go to a Sant ji and request a name. A name is an identity and something to strive for and inspire to.

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Name After Amrit (04/26/2001)
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