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Summary of Question:Lifes Truth !!
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/25/2009 12:17 AM MDT

hi sikhnet

i am a bit confused these days my thoughts are driving me like anything , questions like why i born in the world,,

1. Is it for earning money making homes buying good cars and hang around with the friends.

2. A person who has all this dies one day and leave eveything here and then those things are taken over by others and people spend their whole life in making homes,buying cars and spending times in parties and dies one day !!

3.Life is not more then 70 to 80 years and everybody is spending it in purchasing big homes buying good cars , marrying a beautiful women , producing childrens and one they become old and Dies......

I don't know why these days i am getting a feeling, like all this is a TRAP that holds the person and does not let a person come out of it until he/she dies.

People are dying everyday and babies are taking Birth everyday so this seems like a circle if yes then some body is controlling it.

I don't know why these kind of questions are coming in my mind after my dog died but i am having a strong feeling now.

i have spended few hours in the morchery where i have seen people are crying just because there loved ones died, then i have spended few hours in hospital's ICU where i have seen people are fighting for their life and at the same time there were new born babies, then i went to pub where i have seen everybody was drinking and enjoying, then i spended few hours in gurudwara where everybody was reciting gurbani i felt a bit relaxed there.

Still the question is stuck in my mind are we born to all this , i feel like this is a TRAP, Now i dont like to listen to loud music anymore , now i dont like to drive my fast cars anymore, i lost my interest in the my playstation ,coz everything i have noticed is for certain period of time say 70 or 80 years after that Game will be over........

I dont like to hang around with my friends anymore, i don't like to crack stupid jokes and laugh like idiots anymore, i don't like to spend time in parties anymore i feel like my thinking is getting changed !!!

I have asked this questions to my friends and they feel that i am getting crazy if keeps on doing the same thing i will become insane one day !!!

I dont know what has happened to me but i feel like that this world is nothing more than a trap ,, a very big TRAP !!!!!!!!!!!!


Sat Nam,

You may be totally right there about life being a trap, but I see it a different way. We do have all this karma to deal with all the time and it seems like it never ends and in the end we die. Chances are even after death you will realize that you are not done and will have to come back again. This means your soul is thousands of years old and you keep coming back and leaving without accomplishing much even if you get all the nice houses, cars and beautiful women you want.

There are ways of living your life which can change all of that. And you may realize that a Sikh path maybe the best for it if you research it a lot deeper studying Yogi Bhajan's teachins but for now I suggest picking up an interesting book if you haven’t read it yet. “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda.
Get enough courage to read that book from the first page to the last, however long it may take you. Don’t drop it in the middle because you will never get what you need to know. See if this book will help you make some sense of your life and the universe, then write back if you have any more questions.

Good Luck,

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Lifes Truth !! (06/25/2009)
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