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Summary of Question:On The Fence...
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/03/2009 11:30 AM MDT

Dear Sikhnet,

The issue I am raising today maybe different from others raised before. Let me start by introducing myself.

I am a 22 year old Gursikh living in Canada. I moved to Canada a year ago for further studies. Back home, my parent and sibling were very attached to the Sikh lifestyle and practiced it well. Both my parents and sibling are amrit dharis, and I'm NOT...

There were several times in my life that I was that close to taking the amrit, but some relative intervention or a friends comment prevented me from taking this important step. As such every Vaisakhi and new year the desire to take amrit rises and falls the new day or so... My parents, despite being amrit dharis, eat fish and eggs. I am not so comfortable with the idea of that... Their response is that no where in the Guru granth Sahib is it written that meat is not allowed.. They adviced me to take amrit, but eat chatka meat as well. But that was the case back home....

Here in Canada, I live with my relatives. They are a modern day family, with very "pendu" values and thinking... As for their religious commitments are concern, they are very inconsistent... There are times when they do seva and paath on days like Vaisakhi or New Year, and then weeks when no one is the family does even simran... My cousins here have almost no religious knowledge and interest, which is the direct result of their parents' actions at home...

Being from an environment where paath is done at least thrice daily to an environment where no one does paath is being a great challenge for me.

As of Jan 01, 2009 I decided to stop eating meat and eggs and when fully veggie. Personally, it felt great. I was adviced that meat/eggs are an important part of one's diet. But I felt strong and fit when it. After being a vegetarian for about 3 months, I fell sick and that was a time that gave my relatives an opportunity to blame the lack of meat for my weakness. As much as

I wanted to oppose their views, I knew it was true. So after a period of persuasion from my relatives and parents, I started eating meat again, although in limited quantity...

Now, I am in a position where i'm neither here or there...

I need some advice on how I can tackle these obstacles. If I cannot influence others to do paath, I need to at least maintain my own interest and attachment to the Guru and the Gursikh lifestyle.

Imagine how it feels to be in party at 1am at night with my relatives how are heavily drunk and consuming meat. Of course they don't force me to join in(which I never will), but I always get this sickening feeling wherever i go to such parties. I cannot 'Not' go as they will feel offended by my absence.

Do reply with some useful comment on my situation. Thank You.

My dear Kool Man, if a man lives with drunkards will they not have an effect on him?
Guru gave us Sadh Sangat for support. You are VERY influenced by these people and of course
you are in great dualtiy and getting sick. The choice is yours. Have your space and do your nitnem and do not eat in their home....or.....move out and have a Gursikh family or roomate that lives your values.
Also, come to Camp Miri Piri next week and get a boost.SK

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